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Our Mission 

We're excited to introduce you to four incredible charities we support. Each time you choose Sugar Bar Hawaii for your hair removal needs, a percentage of our profits goes directly to these wonderful organizations. Together, we are spreading love and creating meaningful change!

Thank you for being part of the Sugar Bar Hawaii family and joining us in our mission to spread love, empowerment, and hope. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Blue Skies

Rescue1 The Mission

Our mission is simple and clear: to go to the darkest places of the earth and rescue children from the horrors of sex-trafficking.

Rescue1 is unlike many other relief organizations. We are going to the hardest places on the planet, reaching into both Christian and non-Christian regions.

Rescue1 is not just about feeding the poor. It's about rescuing children from the horrors of sex-trafficking and abandonment and restoring their lives. 1.8 million children are trafficked each year world-wide!

Our Goal is 1,500 Rescued Children!

What Makes Rescue1 Unique?

  • Rescue1 is a FULL CARE organization. Most humanitarian aid organizations supply food for children living in impoverished areas of the world. Not only do we supply food, but also housing, clothing, education, medical care, and counseling programs. Our outreach care is comprehensive and holistic in nature.

  • Rescue1 rescues and cares for children enslaved in sex-trafficking. After a child is rescued, they are brought into safe housing and 100% provided for. Most relief organizations are not rescuing these children from the trauma and abuse they are enslaved in.

  • Many relief organizations feed children that already have a home and existing family. Rescue1 cares for those children that have NO family at all. That includes children living homeless on the street and those kidnapped and enslaved in brothels.

  • Most relief organizations function in Christianized nations where it is easier to build. Rescue1 operates in nations that have been Christianized, as well as in those nations that have a small percentage of Christians, including India. We go to the darkest areas to bring God’s light, love and restoration.

  • Rescue1 is a Christian organization based on biblical values. Our children are not only rescued from severe trauma, but they are given the faith, hope and love that only comes through relationship with God. They are given the opportunity to find Jesus Christ as their Savior.


Want to become a sponsor or personally donate to this mission? 


Founded in 2010, Imua Alliance has become one of Hawai'i's leading anti-trafficking organizations. We've  rescued over 160 victims from sexual slavery and provided  services to over 1,000 more. We are committed to eliminating sexual servitude from our islands' shores

About Imua Alliance



Each day, Imua Alliance's advocacy provides outreach and direct intervention services to victims at high-risk locations. We also equip  students and community members with the skills to prevent exploitation before it begins and effectively respond to those in need. 



Our approach to combating human trafficking focuses in the needs and concerns of survivors. Our services are founded on compassion and sensitivity, and are always delivered in a nonjudgemental manner. Every action we take is informed by the principles of trauma-informed care.

Concrete Wall

   Hale Kipa is a multi-service, fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency that specializes in working with youth and their families who often have nowhere else to turn. Hale Kipa has served more than 71,000 youth throughout Hawai‘i since its beginning in 1970 as a single shelter on O‘ahu. This includes working in partnership with public agencies and private organizations to provide residential, outreach, and foster care services at no cost. With programs that are flexible and responsive to changing needs, Hale Kipa supports youth involved in juvenile justice, behavioral health, education and child welfare. Program goals include stabilizing young people in crisis and helping youth and families build resiliency to experience success in their lives.

There are approximately 173 full-time and part-time employees at Hale Kipa. Each Hale Kipa program has licensing, contractual and accreditation standards that must be met. Employees go through an initial orientation, and some have been through much more extensive training. All receive regular and routine supervision.

To work in a Hale Kipa program that accepts placements from the State’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Division, all individuals must go through an extensive credentialing process that includes a review of their educational background, verification of employment, a review of reference letters, criminal backgrounds and the child abuse and neglect screenings to assure that the staff working in our programs are not a risk to the youth and/or young adults that they supervise.

Unique characteristics of Hale Kipa which makes us especially qualified to perform our work include our long-standing expertise in the areas of outreach family counseling, emergency shelter, residential treatment, foster care and independent living, flexibility to individualize placement and services, strong and effective working partnerships and collaborations with other community agencies. Hale Kipa’s history speaks to a commitment to youth, willingness to partner, being a strong voice in the community, and leadership in the areas of youth. We are currently licensed as a child-placing agency by the Department of Human Services.

Green Light Ray


To provide a continuum of support and services that empowers Hawaii’s street youth to move beyond homelessness.


We envision a community where there is no youth homelessness.

New Growth

Our Results

Since RYSE opened its doors in June 2018, we have continued to strive towards achieving our mission of eradicating youth homelessness in Hawaii and empowering young people to build a foundation for life-long well-being. In the first 5 years, RYSE has achieved proven, significant results, including:Providing emergency shelter for 523 youth, ages 14-24Diverting 82 youth from incarceration or residential mental healthProviding 47 youth with permanent supportive housing resourcesProviding 16 youth with permanent supportive group homesIn 2022 alone, RYSE served 359 of Hawaii’s homeless youth with 58% transitioning to long-term housing.

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