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Sugaring is an all-natural and gentle alternative for hair removal. This is derived from ancient traditions that are believed to be originated from Egypt. The sugar paste is made with three simple organic and all-natural ingredients of sugar, lemon, and water. Leaving your skin exfoliated, clean and soft.

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Professional Estheticians

Kimi Arango


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Kimi Arango has been in the beauty industry for over nine years. She has always been passionate about influencing and empowering women through the beauty industry. Kimi started in makeup artistry to advance her education and graduated from a private makeup artistry school. As she grew in her field, she discovered her desire to dive into skincare and esthetics, so she furthered her education and received her Cosmetology license. While working in the industry as an esthetician with skincare and facials, she found a love for hair removal. More specifically, sugaring hair removal. She experienced the fantastic results of sugaring hair removal and desired that others discover this all-natural alternative to hair removal. She explains, "the benefits of sugaring hair removal are endless and do not harm your skin. I choose sugaring hair removal and want everyone to experience it."

Manda Rabara


Sugar Bar-12.jpg

Manda was born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii. What she loves most about Hawaii is how much aloha and respect the people have for one another. As a Sugarist, she loves making people feel beautiful and confident in their skin. Seeing the satisfaction on the clients' faces is the best part of the job. As for outside activities, she loves hiking, running, and having beach days. She's also a talented singer!"

Taylor Tabilisma



Taylor, born and raised on Oahu, coming from the vibrant town of Waipahu, possesses a deep appreciation for Hawai'i's diverse cultures and the profound values of family and friendship. In the realm of sugaring, Taylor passionately embraces the all-natural aspect of sugaring hair removal. Beyond Her professional pursuits, Taylor finds joy in reading, belly dancing, sewing, painting, and embarking on journeys into the depths of random topics. An exciting facet of Taylor's journey is transitioning from three years as a nail and wax technician to mastering the art of sugaring.

Nicole Zapel


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Nicole is a Licensed Esthetician born and raised in the Seattle area. She is an adventurous spirit who loves to travel and be in nature, has lived all over the Pacific Northwest and even New Orleans - and is grateful to call Honolulu her new home.

As an Esthetician, she values using environmentally sustainable, plant-based products. Sugaring is her favorite form of hair removal because it is all-natural, sustainable, and gentle for our skin! Nicole loves exploring the island's natural wonders in her free time, sunbathing at the beach, making crafts, music, cooking, and hanging out with her two kitties. 

Brooke Pacol



Brooke was born in the Philippines, but her family migrated to Hawaii in 2002 when she was three years old and has lived in Waipahu ever since. One of the main reasons she loves Hawaii is the island's welcoming atmosphere. Everybody is like family; everyone befriends you, and you get smiles everywhere you go. Having sensitive skin, she always looks for simple yet effective products. She loves how sugaring has the benefits of providing a flawless hair removal experience while keeping the ingredient list all-natural, with no harsh chemicals, and gentle on the skin. She is a very homebody type; therefore, what she considers fun is having a relaxing day watching movies or series and exploring with her taste buds in the kitchen. A fun fact about her is that she loves doing small, crafty DIY projects. She loves to be creative and make things unique/one-of-a-kind.

Vi Gutierrez


Vi Profile.jpg

Vi originates from the vibrant city of Huntington Beach, CA, where diversity thrives in every facet, from cuisine to art and music. With a deep appreciation for nature and culture, Vi relocated to Oahu alongside her loyal companion, Einstein, reveling in hikes, sun-soaked beach days, and spirited tennis games. Her passion for mycology adds a unique dimension to her outdoor pursuits as she eagerly seeks out diverse mushrooms during her hikes. As a licensed esthetician since 2019, Vi's heart was captured by the art of sugaring. She treasures its natural, skin-friendly qualities and harmonious alignment with our precious environment.

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